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David Smells! (2005): And Sees And Hears And…

David Shannon, David Smells! (Blue Sky Press, 2005)

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don’t you just love those eyes?

Of the three Diaper David books, David Smells!, a book about the five senses, is my son’s current favorite, the one he reaches for most often of the three and wants me to read to him. Now, I have no idea why this is; all three are wonderfully illustrated, with short, fun text blocks and enough repetition (even between the books, which were obviously conceived and written as one project—this is not something one normally thinks about in pre-lit, but it turns out it’s an important idea) to nudge the kid that much further towards speech. And needless to say, my kid is not your kid, who may be more crazy about Oops! or No, David! right now. But I can tell you that my eleven-month-old budding reviewer has expressed a definite preference—at least this month—for this one, and that’s good enough for me. *** ½

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